Welcome. Whether you approach this page with curiosity, carrying a burden or puzzled by an unsolvable question — BodyTalk can help clarify your path by offering wisdom, healing and strength. The greatest wisdom is already waiting to reach you. Through the tools of BodyTalk, including the latest scientific discoveries about the microbiome & epigenetics, we fuse the physical, emotional & spiritual realms to create specific formulas for your current symptoms, history and environment.

Our biography is our biology. We create psychosomatic holds in our body when life is too much to handle, when we’re unprepared or burdened by too much stress. BodyTalk allows us to unravel some of the knots, unpeel the layers and reveal your own connected, radiant body, allowing it to do what it so well knows how to do.


I finally feel grounded. What a feeling.
— S. F., New York

I started seeing Maria for back pain. After 1 session my back pain was gone. After 2 sessions the stress that constantly weighed on me started to lift. By the 3rd session the knot of anxiety in my stomach was completely gone. Maria has been my miracle worker, not just because she alleviated my pain and anxiety but because I didn’t even know that I should be addressing my anxiety, never mind that it could be relieved. She brought an awareness to my mental and emotional health that was much needed. I am so grateful for the way she has elevated my quality of life, not just through the body work sessions but also through other tools she has given me to use at home. I am a stronger, calmer and happier person that is equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me. Maria is an essential part of my self-care.
— M.C., New York

You totally recharged my batteries.

— M.K., Israel

Maria has an amazing ability — or perhaps it’s a presence she creates that’s profoundly kind, loving and totally nonjudgmental. I have been in AA for many years, and still for more than a decade I couldn’t control my alcoholic drinking. I couldn’t leave the house without having a drink. I couldn’t pick up the phone without having a drink. I don’t remember much about the treatment (which I don’t pretend to understand) except feeling a great calmness… A lovely sense of serenity. Since that day more than five years ago, I haven’t picked up another drink. For years now, I don’t have the slightest desire for alcohol. To say my life has changed dramatically because of Maria Petrova and BodyTalk is a lame understatement.
— H.A., New York

My phobia of flying is gone, after 15 years.
— V. S., New York

Thank you, I feel much more relaxed.

— J.L, New York

I haven’t had the desire to smoke since our session.
— Y. L., New York

You kind of saved my life a little bit. I’ve been anxious for so long.

— S.F., New York

I’m in my 2nd IVF cycle. The doctor had told me we were getting 6 to 10 eggs this time. Two days later, Maria worked on me and helped me release the feeling of failure that had been weighing me down for over a year. She tried to get more eggs to mature. She said she got to 8, then 10, then 12. By the end of the session she said she saw 15 eggs that were mature and ready. The following day the doctor extracted 15 eggs. He said he had never seen this happen before. Maria is a truly loving healer and is an amazing support both spiritually and emotionally, which makes a world of difference when going through and overcoming this challenging process.
— S.A., New York

Just as you said during our session… two weeks after I saw you, it finally went back to normal. You are amazing 🙂
— K.M., New York

This is the closest I’ve felt to my husband in 10 yrs of marriage.

— M.L, New York

I don’t pretend to understand what I call Maria’s ‘voodoo alien miracle magic’ and was skeptical the first time I walked up to her desk 4 years ago almost in tears with a rare migraine. She said what sounded like a bunch of gibberish and looked like a puppeteer standing over me. But as I walked away I was already feeling better (and a little dumfounded by what had just happened.) Since then she has lovingly tended to all sorts of my Monday-type ailments. But then she asked to work on me for 15 minutes at the office the Friday before my first marathon. I figured I had nothing to lose, as I had never run more than a half and was prepared to walk a large portion of it. I also had a hard time believing she could have any sort of effect on my body two days into the future. I absolutely couldn’t believe it, but Iran the entire 26 miles – pain free! With very little soreness the days after. Maria is literally the only explanation for this. I crossed the finish line a full-blown believer in her precious abilities. If she accomplished this in 15 minutes, I can only imagine the kind of meaningful progress she makes in her actual sessions. I’ve always been in awe of her patience. Her non-judgmental manner. Her compassionate spirit. Maria genuinely wants to help people, and I’m so happy to see her in her element doing just that.
— A.M., New York

Waow, What an experience for me… I’m still processing what has happened. But I am already feeling much better. Much lighter…
— C.P., New York

How could you have known?

— E.E., New York


— K.C., New York (yelled this at me as she was getting off the table)

I am forever grateful to have had a session with Maria. Her knowledge, intuition and professionalism gave me unique insights into the incredible changes I’m experiencing at this time. I felt renewed in body, mind and spirit after my session.
— C.E., New York

I had been crying every day for the last 2 months until I saw you. And then I stop crying…
Which is huge. Merci!
— C.P., New York

Everything fell together after your session.

— J.L, New York

Thank you for the intense BT session. I feel like a new woman 🙂
— J.E., New York

Headache is gone. I knew you would take care of it.

— M.C., San Diego

Sessions take place at Moving Body Resources, 112 W 27th St in New York, by appointment. Distance sessions are also available by phone or Zoom. Distance sessions are as effective as in person in effecting shifts, if without the in-person healing touch. The IVF testimonial above was a distance session (first for the client). Sessions last about an hour. Please contact me via the form below.